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Table of Contents Tabs

Organize large case files for easier reference and help familiarize yourself with the case at a glance.

Available with a center tab on the side or bottom of the sheet
or with lines and numbers or with a space to write in your own numbers/letters (no tab).





  • Available in 5 cut with tab, 25 & 26 cut without tab.
  • Side or Bottom cut.
  • Letter 11" & Legal 14"
  • Standard color is clear.
  • No charge for punching.
  • Order complete sets, broken sets, or individual numbers.
  • Manufactured from high quality recycled ledger stock.
Stock # Side / Bottom Size Range Cut Description Tab Color
T/C-5-S Side Letter 11" Center position only 5 Table of Contents- Side Clear
T/C-5-B Bottom Letter 11" Center position only 5 Table of Contents - Bottom Clear
T/C-5-S14 Side Legal 14" Center position only 5 Table of Contents - Legal Clear
T/C1-25 Side Letter 11" 1-25 25 Table of Contents- 1-25 Clear
T/C26-50 Side Letter 11" 26-50 25 Table of Contents- 26-50 Clear
T/C51-75 Side Letter 11" 51-75 25 Table of Contents- 51-75 Clear
T/C76-100 Side Letter 11" 76-100 25 Table of Contents- 76-100 Clear
T/C25-1 Side Letter 11" 25-1 25 Table of Contents- 25-1 Clear
T/CA-Z Side Letter 11" A-Z, AA-ZZ, AAA-ZZZ 26 Table of Contents- A-Z Clear
T/Cbl Side Letter 11" no numbers, just lines 25 Table of Contents- Blank Clear

Don't find the tab you need? Call us for a quote to print your own set or to print higher numbers or letters of existing sets.

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