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What is a set? A set is 1 row or bank of tabs (Example: 25 cut 1-25, 26-50; 10 cut 1-10, 11-20, A-J; 5 cut 1-5, A-E, bottom titles are 8 cut so any 8 in a complete consecutive row, and side is 10 cut so any 10 in a complete consecutive row, etc.)
How many sets are in a pack? As many as you want. Since complete sets are collated you get the best price in the quantity price break your total tabs reach.
Can I buy individual numbers, letters, or titles? Yes! Those are sold in packs of 25 or greater (we aren't picky, as long as it is 25or more ie: 30,45 etc., we give you the best price in your quantity price break). You can buy smaller amounts though they will cost .02¢ more per tab. Be aware however, that some tabs, such as high numbers or triple letters are only sold in sets, unless you want to order 50 of each or more at an additional charge.
Do I get a quantity price break? Yes! We add all the tabs in your order (even if they are different styles) to get your "total tabs". The more tabs you order, the better your price per tab, and it helps make the cost of shipping worth it. Price breaks are at 100, 200, 1,000, 2,000 and 5,000 total tabs. Call for prices.
Can you collate just 1-8 or A-H? Yes! As long as you buy 25 or more broken sets we would be more than happy to collate those at no extra charge. We will also do smaller quantities for .02¢ more per tab. We will collate blank tabs as well, though non-laminated tabs, once collated are not returnable.
What is a minimum order? A minimum order is 50 total tabs for $12.50 plus shipping.
Can I get these tabs tomorrow? Yes! We have all UPS's shipping methods available, just request the shipping method you would prefer at the time of your order. The sooner in the day the better chance we can get your order out that day.
I don't see the tab I want, can you print it for me? Yes! We can print sets and individual tabs to your specifications, please call us for a quote. If you don't need a lot of tabs, we also have blank tabs to write or type on.
Can you punch holes in my tabs? Yes! This is complimentary. Just request the style of drilling you would prefer, 2 holes on top (2T), 3 holes on the side (3S), 2 holes on the side (2S), both 2 holes on top and 3 on the side (2T3S), both 2 & 3 holes side (2S3S), or 2 holes on the top of the reverse order tabs making 25 at top and 1 at bottom (2R). We view shipping your tabs today as more important than drilling, especially if you are in a hurry, so on occasion they may not get punched if your order comes in late in the day. Punched tabs are not returnable.
Can I get these in another color? Yes! While most tabs are available in clear lamination, we do offer several different tabs in different colors for no additional charge. We will also laminate any of our stock items for a nominal fee. We can also make your blank tabs on another color card stock, as well as laminate them. Please call for prices and availability.
It's the law to use recycled paper, is that going to cost extra? No! All our standard tabs are printed on Bright White Plainfield Plus 20% recycled 100# Offset Smooth Finish, which is similar to a 90# Index.
What does the stock number mean? Our stock numbers hold the key to the actual tab style. For example: In the stock number DO-25-SR, DO stands for document tab, those have Numbers only on them (DOA has only letters, EX is exhibit numbers, EXA is exhibit letters, WEX is word exhibit only, WEXMT is word exhibit only with matte lamination, BL is blank and BLMT is blank with matte lamination, etc.), the 25 means 25 cut or 25 tabs in the row (the tabs with 10 are ten cut, the ones with a 5 are five cut and so on), the S is for side tabs (B is for bottom), and the R means reversible, ie: the tabs are upside down on the back, most bottom tabs are reversible so you can flip them and use them at the top, (S means straight order like DO-25-SS or DOA-26-SS). Title tabs have different stock numbers pertaining to the type of tabs; Personal Injury is PI1, PI2 etc.
What is my account number? Your account number is personalized to you or your company name, Example: John Smith, Atty. will be smit.jo or Smith and Jones, Attys. would be smit&jo. Have the same name as another law group? We add the first two letters of the city or state you are in. Call us to create your account today!
Can you bill me? Yes! We will bill you as long as you are a Law Office or have a current account with us. We also except all major credit cards.
Where are the prices? We have such a large selection of tabs, and offer a variety of quantity price breaks for each type, making the price list so long it was difficult to put on the site. Just give us a call toll free at 1-800-322-3022 to request a quote on your specific order and we would be more than happy to help you.

Easy ordering guide

1. Quantity desired per each tab.

2. Number of tabs ordering in the same quantity & set (with the same stock number).

3. Total Tabs for that quantity: Quantity x the number of tabs = Total

4. The Stock/Form # for your tab, also includes the cut of the tab; EX-5 for 5 cut exhibit #'s, DO-25 for 25 cut #'s, DOA-10 for 10 cut letters, etc. Tip: You can find these on the bottom of your tabs.

5. Side or Bottom Tabs.

6.Letter or Legal Size Paper

7. Description of tab; reversible or straight order, exhibit/word exhibit only or number/letter only, blank, title of tab, etc.

8. Range: A,B,E,U, K-T, 1,2,3, 1-10, etc., blank tabs have a # assigned to each position as do our titles.

9. Color of Lamination, clear for Exhibits, numbers and letters, std. rainbow for title tabs, matte or plain for blank or word exhibit only, etc.

10. Drilling: 2T, 3S, 2S, 2T3S, 2S3S, 2R, or No if no drilling is needed.

11. Collating: Yes, into sets or No, wrap in packages.

Feel free to call us with any of your questions, we are happy to help!

Don't find the tab you need? Call us for a quote to print your own set or to print higher numbers or letters of existing sets.

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