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Tab Specifications

Tab Specifications and Other Information

  • All Index Dividers are printed on heavy bright white card stock. Tabs are reinforced with a strong mylar plastic.
  • Collating - All sets are collated at no charge. Please indicate if no collating is necessary.
  • Punching - There is no extra charge for punching 2-hole top, 3-hole side or 2-hole side.
  • Exhibit, Number & Alpha Dividers - Can be ordered as complete sets or by individual numbers or letters. Tabs are laminated in clear plastic.
  • Blank & Word Exhibit Only Dividers - Can be ordered in collated sets or by individual position. Tabs can be plain (no lamination) or laminated with Matte plastic.
  • Case & Trial Index Dividers - Example: Personal Injury Tabs can be ordered as a complete set, or by an individual title. All sets come with tabs in rainbow colors. See Colors of Tabs below for the color pattern. Tabs are 1" across, 10-cut on the side (10 tabs along the side of the page) or 8-cut on the bottom.
  • Add On Titles - Many sets have "Add on" titles. Order them individually and add to the sets that you choose.
  • Colors of Tabs - All Title Tabs are reinforced with strong colored transparent plastic. Colors are listed in the order used. All other tabs are laminated in Clear plastic.

Standard Rainbow Color Pattern of all Case & Trial Indexes (title tabs).

Position .. ..Color

  1. pink
  2. gray
  3. light green
  4. light yellow
  5. light blue
  6. clear
  7. orange
  8. brown
  9. purple
  10. warm red
  11. amber
  12. medium green
  13. medium yellow
  14. medium blue
  15. lavender
  16. red
  17. coral

available but quite dark:

  1. dark blue
  2. dark green

*Colors are rearranged after position #17 up to position #40 so each bank/row will look different.

Don't find the tab you need? Call us for a quote to print your own set or to print higher numbers or letters of existing sets.

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