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Title Tabs
(Case & Trial Index Dividers)

Handle More Cases More Efficiently

The Tab Advantage:

  1. Tabs Save Time in locating Desired Information instantly - while on the Phone, in Conference, in Court or during a Settlement.
  2. Save Time in organizing a case.
  3. Save Time in filing.
  4. Quickly refresh memory of Key Facts of a Case.
  5. Enable Associates to quickly get familiar with the case.
  • Each case receives a set of tabs with the same color pattern (example: "SUMMONS & COMPLAINT" is a red tab in every case, "ANSWER" a blue tab, etc).
  • Important documents and pertinent information are separated with tabs and instantly accessible.
  • Tabs are organized in a LOGICAL ORDER as the case or trial advances.

Flexibility in Ordering:

  1. Order sets as listed,
  2. Add titles from other sets,
  3. Order individual titles, or
  4. Design your own Custom Set of Titles


  • Tabs are laminated in Standard Rainbow Colors
  • Tabs come on the side (10 cut) & Bottom (8 cut)
  • Available in complete sets or individual titles
Bankruptcy Drunk Driving Interrogatories Probate
Client Evidence Medical Real Estate
Correspondence Family Law Nursing Home Trial Notebook
Civil Litigation General Obstetrics Workers Comp.
Criminal Law Guardianship Personal Injury  

Click here for Tab Specifications and Standard Rainbow Color Pattern.

Don't find the tab you need? Call us for a quote to print your own set or to print higher numbers or letters of existing sets.

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